Monday, August 27, 2012

This post is supposed to be about me. Many people think I'm a pessimistic person, I disagree, I think I am realistic. The general consensus is that negative thoughts are a bad thing, but I disagree again. For example, if there was a movie that you wanted to see at a local cinema, it would be better to go in thinking that it is going to be sub-par so you'll be pleasantly surprised if it exceeds expectations, and if not, then it's as you expected in the first place. People also think the nonchalance I have about work is bad also, but it leads to a less stressful way of life, and one only has to search the internet for a second to find studies exclaiming that stress is bad for both physical and mental health. I did not mention the positive things said about me because I do not like being complimented, but neither do I like to be insulted. I wish for a medium.

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